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Lipidaholics Case Studies

Case 283: High TG and Low HDL-C: AIM HIGH or Aim Low?

Case 282: Low HDL-C & HDL-P: Lifestyle or Drugs?

Case 281: Giving the Jejunum Its Due

Case 280: Serious CV Risk Assessment

Case 279: Treatment Dilemma: Horrific CV risk vs. Hepatic Safety

Case 278: Should Lipoprotein Cholesterol Assays Disappear?

Case 277: Statin, Niacin, Both Neither in a High Risk Woman?

Case 276: AIMING HIGH Trials and Tribulations

Case 275: Good or Bad Cholesterol

Case 274: Know the science or just treat?

Case 273: LDL-P vs LDL-C Discordance

Case 272: New HDL Nomenclature

Case 271: New AHA Women's Guidelines?

Case 270: Why treat triglycerides?

Case 269: He said - she said?

Case 268: Niaspan or statin for 1st line Rx?

Case 267: Hormones Lipids and Lipoproteins?

Case 266: Lipids Perfect: Does Lp(a) Matter?

Case 265: Treatment Frustrates a Lipidologist

Case 264: Revisiting Lp(a)

Case 263: Is it or is it not isolated low HDL-C?

Case 262: Do Healthy Woman Need Advanced CV Testing?

Case 261: LDL-C ultra-perfect - reduce the statin?

Case 260: Lipoprotein Core Composition

Case 259: Assessing CV risk when HDL-C is quite low

Case 258: LDL-C & LDL-P at goal Now what?

Case 257: CCTA and Lipids

Case 256: Pregnancy and TG Concerns

Case 255: Diabetic with rising LDL-C and normal LDL-P

Case 254: Combination Therapy in T2DM The ACCORD Trial

Case 253: President Obama's CV Exam

Case 252: What is a Particle Core?

Case 251: Treating HDL Size?

Case 250: Following Lipids Over Time

Case 249: End of the Lipid Era

Lipid Cases 2009 (226 - 248)

Lipid Cases 2008 (203 - 225)

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