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"I met and saw Michael Richman, M.D. in September of 2005 after seeing my internal medicine doctor in Atlanta. I have a family history of elevated lipid levels. My lipid levels at that time were high in almost every area. Dr. Richman read my current test results and then ordered a lipid analysis which delineated what the issues were with my health.

I was put on two drugs that have lowered my lipid levels rapidly and in an amazing fashion. He is an upfront, no-holds-barred professional who cares about his patients. As my husband is a physician, I understand the need to be clear and precise with your patients. Dr. Richman has great skills and understanding of the reality of lipid levels and disease. The issue of women and heart disease has long been ignored. He treats males and females with the techniques designed for each of them. I would send my family and my friends to him for evaluation if that were needed, regardless of the long distance."

- Florrie J. Healey; Atlanta, GA

"I heard about Dr. Richman from a mutual friend, who told me about his practice and progressive means of advanced lipid testing. Because I have a family history of heart disease, I wanted to be sure I had the most accurate read on my lipid levels and that I was doing everything I should to keep my cholesterol in check. When I received a traditional cholesterol test from my primary care physician, my overall LDL (bad cholesterol) registered high. However, when Dr. Richman performed NMR-based lipoprotein testing to assess my LDL-P number, I found out I was within in normal range and, therefore, at low risk for heart disease. If I wouldn't have visited Dr. Richman, I may have begun a litany of cholesterol-lowering medications I didn't need and had unnecessary cause for worry."

- Christopher Verbin, M.D.; Los Angeles, CA

"I first came to Dr. Richman in October 2005. I wanted to be sure my current cholesterol management program was right for me. Upon completion of NMR-based lipoprotein testing, Dr. Richman concluded that the statin I was currently on wasn't right for my situation, as my LDL-P was not within goal and my HDL was too low. After explaining the facts of HDL cholesterol, he switched me to a different statin and added another medication, which would achieve my target LDL-P and raise my HDL as a secondary benefit. In about six weeks' time, I noticed significant improvement."

- Roger Fischer; Beverly Hills, CA